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Harmony Herb Company

“Invest in your health and your body shall receive the wealth!” This is the slogan Harmony Herb Company, an alternative health company, stands by. Established in September 2007, our goal is to help make you a better you by focusing on developing your Mind, Body, and Spirit. One of the elements in achieving our purpose is to utilize are the flagship product Brain Formula. It’s a combination of seven essential organic herbs that provide your body with the full spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and omega 3, 6, 7 and 9.  It increases focus, clarity, energy, and vitality to the entire body which allows you to function at your best.

In January 2019 Harmony Herb Company will launch a full body detox program. Packages will include 1) 30 day supply of Colon Cleanse to purify the colon of mucus, waste, and parasites. 2) Liver Flush to cleanse and replenish the liver. 3) Kidney Flush. 4) Blood Cleanse. 5) And Plant-based herbal multi-vitamin. Clients will receive three free MP3 downloads to utilize as a virtual coach. The first audio will provide insight into the inner workings of your cells, organs, and glans. The second MP3 download will enlighten clients on the details of our full body detox. And the third MP3 download will educate clients on the Brain Formula. Information for specific issues clients may be experiencing such as diabetes, kidney failure, blood pressure, high cholesterol and etc., will be provided in packages so we’re not just selling products but instead, giving participants a virtual health coach that focuses on needs of individuals. Additionally, we provide free health consultation, giving our clients the ability to call Harmony Herb Company for additional support concerning their health needs.

Our herbs are 100% organic plant-based and provide a full spectrum to the human body. Harmony Herb Company sits as a very unique complement to the human diet for we provide full dietary recommendations. We believe in the power of meditation and teach heart rhythm meditation which allows the physical body to relax (meditation cultivates the brain and, also, enhances the physicality of the body). Harmony Herb Company is here to form a bridge between what you desire to achieve health wise and what you can actually experience on your health journey.  Furthermore, we understand that the challenge for most people is the lack of discipline. By understanding this downfall, Harmony Herb Company has developed a special program entitled, The Discipline in the Diet. It provides clients with the seven pillars required for them to attain their health goals on the premise that you can’t do better until you know better. Knowledge is a prerequisite of change and Harmony Herb Company provides clients with specific knowledge because health is not only wealth. To be truly wealthy is to have a proper relationship with the divine, a body in tuned with nature and one that respects all nature, and to have a physical body that is at its best. The bottom line goal for Harmony Herb Company is to have clients functioning at their highest level by helping them to understand that health is three words, the trinity of health; oxygen, water, and minerals.

Whether you are a pescatarian, vegan, vegetarian or meat eater, Harmony Herb Company will provide you with tools and resources to help you be successful on your health journey. I want to encourage you to reach out to Harmony Herb Company to schedule a free health consultation and to share this information with your network. 




Enhance your wellness. Enrich your life.

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